Sunday, March 13, 2005

Jeb Bush for......

Many want to see Jeb run for President in 2008. There are others who think he should take the VP spot in 2008. While I would love to see Jeb in the White House, I have to agree that it might be too soon for another Bush campaign as either president or VP.

How about Jeb running for the Senate in 2006? Spend a few years in Washington making contacts and seeing how Congress runs. I know, lots of governors, including his big brother went from the Governor's mansion to the White House in one jump. And Jeb has White House credentials that few others have. But I don't think it's a good idea.

Another Bush running for the White House in 2008 would, in my opinion, virtually assure the Democrats the White House for at least the next two terms. I'd like to see Jeb in a Senate seat making those contacts and getting his feet wet in the Washington pool. Then, in 2012 or 2016 make a White House run.

If Jeb runs in 2008, for either of the top two positions, can't you just hear the Bush haters screaming? Jeb will be a figurehead for George! and Karl Rove will be the puppetmaster pulling Jeb's strings just like he pulls George's! and the like and even worse.

No, let the Bush haters cool off for awhile. Let Jeb do good things in Washington, then make his run. But I think Jeb is the same type of man his brother is. A man who says what he means and means what he says. And Jeb is saying he won't run for POTUS. I can't blame him, seeing what his brother went through in the last two campaigns.

And America will be the less for losing the abilities of a good leader just because his last name is Bush.

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Anonymous said...

As a Florida citizen, Jeb Bush in these last few years has done nothing but allowed big corporate insurance firms drive homeowners insurance rates so high that it is making the State of Fla nearing unafordable retirement getaway! He has an F- in how he has handled the insuramce industry. He made more new and focused on personal situations as we all saw with the life supprt incident, of which he had no business, rather than do what he was elected to do. God help this country if Jeb gets elected to a federal political position. This is speaking from one who voted for him as governor.