Sunday, December 12, 2004

Secret Name Generators

Okay, I did a Google search and found some name generators. Use the links to find your Hobbit and Elven names, random name, Cyborg name, fantasy name 1, fantasy name 2 (also has serious, fun, and specialized names), Smurf, or Jedi name.

Rum and Monkey
has what looks to be every name generator available. If you want to know your Japanese name is, your hard-core sex worker name, fluffy kitten name, Redneck name, Oompah-Loompah name, Harry Potter name, or fairy name, among others, try this site.

! also has a random name generator where you can find your prison bitch name, your Louis Farrakhan African name, your Superhero or your Pokename or any of dozens more.

And, this being the Christmas season, there are also Christmas name generators here and here, and Santa's little helpers names here.

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