Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Change is Good

There will probably be more changes here in my corner over the next few weeks. Like the address. I am not happy with Blogger, and when I ask questions, the answer is, well, you've got a lot of script running.

I had the same amount of script running after my last post on Sunday as I did when I checked in on Monday, but somehow the font size in my sidebar changed dramatically in between. Don't know how it happened, I've tried to change the font size previously, but not for several months now. Tomorrow, or next week it might be back to normal readable size, but who knows? I've about had enough of the problems. The upshot is that I will be looking for a new host for my corner.

New Year, New Corner.

Update: I've been looking at different hosts, but would like to have some input from my true and faithful readers. Any suggestions where My Corner should move to?


Walt said...

I don't know what happened but I'll bet it is the template and not blogger. Blogger is handling thousands of sites and if it was them they would know it.

I'm just a hacker and copy code where I can so I have no answer. I did notice that it seems like your H6 is set for 240%.

I have screwed up my template by mistake too. The last I screwed up a sidebar by leaving a /div tag all by itself. Drove me batty. Blogger isn't perfect but it is the right price. Check out how it handled being farked this weekend.


Good Luck whatever you do.


Kitten said...

It might indeed be the template. However I would expect that questions to Blogger be answered with more than, "Well, you seem to be running a lot a script." That doesn't answer the question and doesn't tell me what's wrong. I did attempt to change the font months ago, but didn't. And since it changed overnight (Sunday to Monday) I doubt it's anything I did on Sunday. I viewed the page Sunday night and the font size was fine then. When I looked again on Monday, nearly 24 hours later, I couldn't read the last half of the sidebar.