Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wicktory Wednesday

Depending on what polls you pay attention to, either Bush or Kerry is ahead. What I'm trying to say, is with 41 days (less than six weeks!) left until the election, we can't afford to let up. This election is just too important.

You can't donate money to the campaign, but you can volunteer your time. You can host a party (I wish I could! What a fun excuse to have a party!) to watch the debates and invite people you would like to sway to the light.

Each of us has to decide which candidate we think has the experience, the skill, the background, the honor, and the integrity to lead this nation for the next four years. I don't agree with everything President Bush has done in the last four years, but I sure don't think 20 years of doing next to nothing in the Senate has given Kerry what is needed to take America through the next four years.

Over the last couple of weeks, we've seen the influence the blogosphere has. We need to keep up the good fight and do our best to remind the rest of the country what we already know: the economy is up, housing and retail is up, unemployment is down. Could it be better? Of course. But I don't see it getting better under Kerry and the Democrats. And this is from a recovering Democrat.

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