Saturday, September 25, 2004

Election Projection

According to Election Projection, it looks like President Bush has no worries. But, we in the blogosphere can't sit back. We have to continue to put the good word out. We have to be logical and reasonable with our stand, and I believe we have been.

You know, I'm really proud of the blogosphere and that I'm just a teeny, tiny part of it. Maybe I've missed it, and if so, I'm glad I did, but I haven't seen a single pro-Bush blog that has been as mean, hateful, and spiteful as some of the pro-Kerry, or anybody-but-Bush sites have been. I have no quarter with Bush-bashers, or even Kerry-bashers for that matter. I don't mind if someone disagrees with me, but give me logical, provable reasons, not political rhetoric. Leave the hate and spite at the door, no matter who it's against.

I said I have no quarter with Bush or Kerry bashers. They just hate the object of their attention and don't care whether there is truth or not behind what they say. They latch onto somethine and won't let it go. Think Mary Mapes looking for 5 years to prove that Bush either didn't complete his guard service (he did) or that he got someone to use undue influence to get him into the Guard (who cares?) or that someone attempted to sanitize his Guard records (everyone involved says it didn't happen). Think Dan Rather latching onto obviously forged documents in his attempt to bring down Bush. Who ended up being brought down?

And, by the way, for those saying that he entered the Guard in order to avoid service in Vietnam, did you know that in 1969, President Bush's Selective Service draft number was 327? That's pretty high, high enough to be unlikely that he would be drafted. If he wanted to avoid serving in Vietnam, going into the National Guard was an unlikely way of doing so. I also understand that he requested transfer to a group of pilots that were flying into Vietnam. But the planes being used were being phased out. He was qualified on this plane, but not on the replacement.

I've gotten away from my original point about the Election Projection. It's a good site to see what states are solid Bush or Kerry, really close Bush or Kerry, or just close Bush or Kerry. Blue is my favorite color, but Red is looking real good right now.

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