Sunday, May 02, 2004


I listen to talk radio in the mornings on the way to work and at work. The big topic seemed to be about the Barbara Walters show on adoption. What I was understanding was that a 16-year-old was going to interview several couples for the opportunity to adopt her infant.

I didn't watch the show, mainly because I forgot about it. But I probably wouldn't have watched it anyway. One, I seldom watch network television anymore. And two, I don't watch Barbara Walters.

I said I probably would not have watched the show. Why? Here is a 16-year-old who has not exhibited good judgment in the past. She decides to have sex and gets pregnant. Do I care that she had sex? Not at all. That's her decision. I do fault her for not being on the pill or insisting that a condom is used. Yes, I know condoms break and the pill is not 100% effective, but I doubt that's the case here and it's not the point. She made a poor decision.

I will say that she made one good decision and that was to put the baby up for adoption. I'm curious to know just how she happened to be on this show and what her reasons were for appearing. As I said, I didn't see the show; if I had, some of my questions might be answered. But, I never let not seeing a show stop me from commenting on it. Personally, I think she was on the show because she wanted the publicity (Look at me! I'm on TV!). What 16-year-old wouldn't think it would be cool? And then there is the money issue. I'm quite sure she was paid and it would have been a lot of money for a 16-year-old. I will question the reasons she chose to be one the show. If she simply wanted a family for her baby, there are a lot of ways to make that happen without being on TV. Reality TV is big right now and is opening doors even for people who don't win the object of the show. My personal opinion? Another bad decision.

I understand she chose the teachers to adopt the baby. I come from long line of teachers, so I can't fault that. But, what were her reasons for choosing them? I guess I won't know because I didn't watch the show. But, since I don't trust her decision making capabilities, I have to wonder why them and if someone didn't help her decide.

I also have reservations about the people who were on the show with her. What were their reasons? I have to question anyone who appears in a TV show like this. Why? I can't believe this was their only chance to adopt a child. Again, there are other ways to go about adopting than to be on a TV show. Money? Publicity? Maybe if they don't get the baby someone will feel sorry for them and give them a baby?

I'm all for adoption. I think people who adopt are among the best people in the world. They are angels walking on earth. At least my parents were. Yes, I'm adopted. My parents made sure that I knew the word adoption from my earliest days and understood from the time they felt I could understand, that I was adopted. They also made sure I understood that I was chosen, by them and by God, to be their daughter. I also knew from the age of 12 who my biological mother was and why she gave me up. She was young and unmarried and knew she couldn't take care of me the way she wanted me to live. So she gave me to people she knew would love me and raise me to be the woman she would want me to be. I was their daughter just as much as their biological son was their son. I never felt any difference.

And it was all done without anyone appearing on TV.

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