Monday, July 05, 2010


After receiving some comments on posts, I decided that some things need to be restated.

Remember, anything you read on these pages that are "From Email" were received from someone else. Some things I check out, some I don't. Sometimes I just don't have time. At the least, I have posted it as being entertaining, amusing, or just interesting. If I have vetted it, I will tell you what I've found out. If I haven't, you'll have to take your chances, use your intelligence, and/or life experience to decide whether it's something you want to believe or not.

I will not knowingly post anything as fact if I know it's not. Just remember, I may believe something to be a fact when it's not. Notice I said "believe".

Not everything on these pages is original to me. If it's in italics, it was written by someone else. Depending on a lot of circumstances, I may or may not give proof of the truth or falsity of a post from another source. If I didn't write it, I'll say so - I will not take credit for someone else's work. If I know the source, I will give the author credit. If I don't, at the least, it will be in italics.

If you want to comment, feel free. Don't cuss at me, be polite and respectful and I'll probably post your comment, even if your view is different from mine. Opinions are like noses...everyone has one. Your comment must be in response and germane to the post. Don't use my blog to advertise or sell your product. If you're not paying me to sponsor you, I'm not publishing your ad or link.

Remember, this is MY blog. I can post pretty much what I want, when I want. I try to be respectful to those who stumble in and read what I've posted. I expect others to be polite and respectful in return - to me and other readers. I will post your comments as I choose. Follow my rules, and you'll probably see your comment. Refuse to follow my rules, and your comment will never see the light of day.

As always, do your own research before taking anything as gospel. Just because you read it here, doesn't mean it's true. There's a lot of stuff out in the Internet that's just plain crap. I don't want to see any of it here, but it may happen.

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