Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and Democrats Join Together for the FairTax
JANUARY 29, 2010

Michael Reagan’s leadership of the FairTax National Victory Campaign has thrilled most FairTax supporters but dismayed a few. The revered Reagan legacy has suggested to some that the FairTax campaign will be less non-partisan and appeal to only a fraction of the American public in the future.

Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, and those who have given up on any political affiliation should take heart. Michael Reagan is part of a strong team at the FairTax campaign that includes Jessica Wexler, Obama state field organizer, Ken Hoagland, an independent who has worked on grassroots issues across the political spectrum, and thousands of dedicated volunteers from across the political spectrum. Neal Boortz, a great FairTax champion is also a Libertarian. All are working closely together to win a better national tax system and a more honest relationship between citizen and government.

As the press release announcing Michael Reagan’s new role with the FairTax campaign makes clear, “This will remain a non-partisan national movement to win enactment of a far better national tax system.” Reagan went on to say, “Like my father, the FairTax campaign has long said that such big changes must be driven by Americans across the political spectrum. I join many Democrats as well as Republicans and independents who believe the FairTax will cure a host of national problems and lead to a new era of robust economic growth."

The plain fact is, the FairTax cannot win enactment nor can the 16th amendment be repealed without strong support across the political spectrum. FairTax leaders understand this reality and are working every day to bring the benefits of the idea to those in union halls, Republican and Democratic clubs, investor and senior citizen clubs, college campuses, and to states across the country, whether they are “red” or “blue.” The FairTax campaign is a movement based outside of Washington, D.C., for all Americans.

What we have found in hundreds of meetings, on hundreds of talk shows, and even in casual conversations, is that Americans of all political beliefs will passionately support the FairTax once they understand the details. Bridging the skepticism and polarization that commonly divides us can be a challenge, but the FairTax research itself is a roadmap for communicating the virtues of the idea to the different parts of the political quilt that make up the electorate in the United States of America. Unlike every election and every other tax debate, the FairTax does not pit Americans against each other, but joins together our great American family against the corruption of the tax code in Washington, D.C.

Other strong voices best known for their political loyalties will inevitably join our needed movement. When they do, they will work for a cause that is greater than any political party or loyalty. They will be advocates for America, for the working man and woman, for more and better jobs, for our children, and for making sure that our best days as a nation are ahead of us.


My apologies that this is several days late. I worked the weekend and have some dental issues, so I'm not keeping up like I would like. I feel there are times that a posting is better late than never, and anything about the Fair Tax falls under that umbrella. Unless, of course, I'm posting after it's been passed and signed into law. Then, my job is done anyway :D

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