Monday, December 21, 2009

Broken Promises

I decided I had to break a promise I made to you, my loyal readers. I promised that I would not post another political article until after Christmas, but I have to make my voice heard on the Obama Health Care bill.

The Democrats finally got the 60th vote needed to vote on the bill and the Senate voted at 11:00 Sunday night to forward the bill. It is scheduled for final vote on Christmas Eve. I can't wait to hear the Administration and House and Senate leaders applauding themselves and each other over the Christmas gift that they have given to the people of the United States. What a gift. Higher taxes and a health care system that was once the envy of the world reduced to a shadow of its former self. I am so glad that this is happening at the beginning of the mid-term election cycle. This bill is supported by 60 Senators, but is opposed by 60% of the American public. I wonder how many of those 60 senators are up for election in 2010?

You note that the title of this post is in the plural. Obama himself broke is own promises to get this bill passed. He promised bi-partisan participation. He promised C-SPAN coverage. None of that happened. The bill was negotiated behind closed doors. The bill was not released for review in any sort of a timely fashion. The House version was released two days before vote and was over 2000 pages that had to be reviewed by anyone with any interest. It was eventually voted on by Representatives who had no idea what was in the bill.

And this is a transparent Administration? The only thing transparent about it is that it is business as usual in Washington. My broken promise really means nothing in the Grand Scheme of Things. A promise broken in Washington is just more of the same.

Those of you who voted for change, I hope you like what you voted for, because you and every other American taxpayer will have to live with your choice.

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