Saturday, August 15, 2009

And So It Begins

Not just one, but two tropical storms have developed in the Atlantic Ocean. Ana and Bill are on a westerly course. I have pictures of their current locations and the 5 day forecast for each.

Of course, with tropical weather formations (depressions, storms, and hurricanes) just because this is the forecast, doesn't mean the storm has seen it and knows where it's supposed to go. In fact, I think some of them go here just because they know they're forecast to go there. Anyway....

Here's Ana and Bill's current locations:

And this is Ana's 5-day forecast:

And Bill's 5-day forecast:

Looks (at this time) like Bill will be following in Ana's footsteps (so to speak) about four days later. If you're in the path, get out the umbrellas.

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