Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Fair Tax

I hope I've done this right. This is my first YouTube post. No, it's not one I did. The link was sent to me by another FairTaxer. I didn't get the idea of YouTube. Frankly, I thought it was a waste of time, used mostly by kids to post videos of themselves doing, well, stupid kid stuff. I've learned something about myself (I was a bit of a snob) and I stand corrected. I finally realized YouTube is a valuable device that can be used to give the younger (and older, if the truth be told) generation important information such as the FairTax (and other stuff) in a way they would be receptive to and understand.

I'm all for technology and using new teaching methods as they evolve. So, I enter a new generation of knowledge gathering. I might be a a little late in coming to YouTube, but I got there and I get it now. Don't expect to see anything of me on YouTube anytime soon. Leo's are supposed to be spotlight loving people, but that's not me. I'm a Leo who prefers being the Kitten on the Keyboard.

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