Friday, March 07, 2008

Hillary Is Right

I can't believe I wrote those words. I actually agree with Hillary on something. What we agree on is whether there should be another primary held in Florida. Hillary knows that she would pull in front of Obama with the delegate she would get from wins in Florida and Michigan. I say the election has already been held and the vote and delegate count should stand.

This all stems from the DNC getting their panties in a wad because Florida and Michigan decided to hold their primaries before Super Tuesday. The DNC decided that since neither Florida nor Michigan would back down and change their primary date, votes cast would not be counted and delegates would not be given to the winner.

If I were a Democrat in either state I would be outraged that the DNC declared my vote to be worthless. How dare the DNC make that decision? Is this not the party who said in 2000 that "every vote counts"? Or is it that every vote counts only when the DNC thinks it should? Which is is, Howard? Every vote counts, or only when you say?

It would cost millions to hold another primary in these states. Does the DNC plan to foot the bill? I doubt it, the cost will fall to the citizens of those states, and not just the Democratic voters, but all citizens - Republicans and other parties as well. Even those who did not vote at all would have to pony up to defray the costs. Here's an idea: Charge the voter as they pick up their ballot. A buck a vote. How many would pay? I wouldn't or wait....maybe I would. I'd ask for a receipt for my buck and then forward it on to the DNC and ask for reimbursement. Then hold my breath until I was repaid.

Obama is in favor of another vote and I can't blame him. He stands to pick up a lot of votes that he didn't get the first time around. Votes for candidates who have since dropped out of the race are up for grabs. People like to back a winner and now that Obama is the front-runner, some votes that went to Hillary would now go to Obama.

It appears the DNC didn't think ahead when they decided to punish Florida and Michigan. I say too bad, so sad. The votes that have already been cast in Florida and Michigan should either count or not. Do-overs are fine in kids games. This isn't a kid's game. It's a grown up, adult game and the DNC needs to be grown up about this.

Now, what road will the DNC take? The high road and admit they were just being spiteful in denying the thousands of Florida and Michigan Democrats their votes and, in the end, the candidates their delegates? Will the DNC back down and say the primiary votes will count after all and the delegates awarded as if it were January 30th and the elections held the day before? (Ooops! Sorry, just kidding!) Or will the DNC decide to look like spoiled brats and insist on a do-over?

Obama has to rely on the superdelegates (their special power is the ability to be pawns in this election), and Hillary can't overcome Obama without Florida and Michigan.

::sigh:: Once again, Florida is in the middle of an election melodrama.

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