Thursday, October 11, 2007

Government Assisted Health Care

As you might know, I am against the government handling just about anything that the free enterprise system can do. If the government could handle package delivery, Federal Express and UPS, among others, would not exist. Private courier companies would not exist if the government could deliver mail on a timely basis. I'm not sure how more than one prive company could handle the millions of pieces of mail delivered daily, and it's possible the cost of mailing would be higher than the USPS charges, but it's a thought worth thinking about. Maybe some entreprenuer could come up with a plan?

In my opinion, the government handling our health care is a disaster in the making. The only saving grace would be for the government system to insure only those who don't have health insurance and allow those who have insurance through self-insurance, or through employers to retain that insurance.

And the biggest reason to avoid "universal health insurance"? It's socialism.

And we know how well that worked in the Soviet Union.

Here is a link to an article I think is eye-opening.

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