Friday, April 06, 2007

FairTax Endorsement

With April 15th fast approaching, I thought this FairTax endorsement would be an interesting item to share.

The Tennessee Farm Bureau with over 600,000 family memberships is by far the largest in the country.

Flavius Barker was Tennessee President from 1995 to 2006 and justly carries tremendous admiration and respect not only in the Farm Bureau but throughout the agricultural community. He is well known to consider issues very carefully, and state his positions very carefully.

If you've never heard of the FairTax, please, please read the following and go to the Fair Tax website ( to learn more about what the FairTax can and will do for you and your family. Sign the petition, contact your congressional representatives and insist that they pass HR25 as soon as possible, and tel lyour friends and family to do the same. It's just too important to our future, our children's futures and the future of our economy. With the passage of this tax reform act, there will be just no stopping the US economy. Our economy and the US in general will be the envy of the rest of the world.

Here is Mr. Barker's statement:


March 27, 2007

To: American Agriculture and Ranching.

We have a serious problem that affects every American. Our tax system is broken beyond repair and must be replaced.

In a hundred different ways the income tax system hurts American farmers and ranchers and our national economy.

I believe the best alternative for our present mess is the FairTax (HR 25). I urge you to learn about it and join me in supporting its passage.

The FairTax is good for farmers, good for ranchers, good for all Americans. In this, it is different from all previous tax debates that pit one group of Americans against another. Here is a proposal that can unite all Americans.

Let’s not accept the empty promise that “something must be done” any longer. Help me enact the FairTax. You can find more information at (

Our children and grandchildren will enjoy a better economy, a better life and thank us for accepting our responsibility to solve one of the most serious problems facing our nation.

Thank you for your help. I look forward to working with you.

With my best wishes,

(signed) Flavius Barker

Flavius Barker
Tennessee Farm Bureau
1995 – 2006

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