Thursday, June 29, 2006

Comment Deleted

I just deleted a comment from the post in reference to the Fair Tax. Obviously from someone who is not a supporter of the tax. But, that is not the reason I deleted it.

The reason I deleted it was because it was a post in itself. Yes, it made claims that I don't agree with, such as "H.R. 25 would advance conservative ideals and principles." As I understand HR 25, it can be supported by anyone, liberals and conservatives alike.

He also ties in line item veto to the FairTax. Funny, I don't remember seeing anything about the line item veto in the bill, nor do I remember hearing Neal Boortz, Congressman John Linder, or Herman Cain, all vocal proponents of the FairTax mentioning it. I don't remember seeing it in either version of the FairTax book, either. In fact, this is the first time I have heard line item veto tied to the FairTax by anyone, proponent or opponent.

And before the author of that "comment", or anyone else, accuses me of ignoring his 1st Amendment rights, I will remind them that this is MY blog. I make the decision of what is posted here and what is not. I choose to post and to link to articles and sites that support the FairTax. That is my right. Nor do I have to link to, or provide links to other sites. If you want to find it, do a Google search.

It is my belief that the author of the "comment" does not understand the FairTax at all.

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