Monday, January 02, 2006

Back to Work

Well, I've been on vacation since the weekend before Christmas. Tomorrow I return to work and I'm not looking forward to it.

I've posted several times about the deferred retirement option (DROP) that members of the Florida Retirement System have. I had planned to take advantage of this option, but over the last few months I've been reconsidering. I couldn't understand why anyone would not want to take advantange of the DROP option, but now I'm beginning to see it. I don't enjoy going to work any more. Things have been going on that have taken alot of the pleasure out of it. Some of the fault lies at my door and I own that responsibility, but there is a lot going on that all I can do is react. There's no place where I can be proactive in some of these problems.

I still have to work for nineteen months and 29 days to get my full retirement. I can hang on that long, I have no choice. Luckily, there are some options I can pursue which might make things more bearable. Maybe I just need a change of scenery.

Nineteen months, 29 days. But who's counting?


doyle said...

I still have to work for nineteen months and 29 days to get my full retirement. I can hang on that long.

Hang on! I opted for an early out window but to max my pension before the window closed, my "hang on" time was close to three years. Three seemingly endless years.

I printed (page after page after page) of those months (month after month after month) off a danged dot matrix printer at work one day. A massive puddle of paper on the floor that I then folded along the separations.

I'd x-out days and then draw a line through the week once it was completed. When the month was over, I'd X it out, and then refold so that the next month was there.

Looking back, it seemed all of a sudden I was down to just a few pages. The last page. The last week and then . . .

Ya know, six years after I scratched out that last day I still have them.

Hang on.

(If I'd missed the window, the next time I'd have been eligible for the same years-of-service percentage would have been . . . NEXT September! Unless I disabled out before that, at a lower percentage naturally, because I'd ended up in the looney bin.)

Kitten said...

Doyle! Thanks for the take on the "hang" time. I did the same thing when I was coming up on my vestment time. I wasn't sure I would make it to ten years at that time. And that was 13 years ago! A mere nineteen months and some days I can do standing on my head!

After that, I only have to take it one month at a time. One month at a time. Yeah...I can do it!