Thursday, August 11, 2005

Another American Revolution In the Making

The Fair Tax book will debut August 26th on the NY times bestseller list at.....(drum roll please) at


This book is flying off the shelves. It's in it's third printing, and a fourth is being readied. This just doesn't happen. Books on tax reform are lucky to even make the NY Times list. Folks, this is another American Revolution in the making. This time around King George is the IRS, John Linder (R-GA) is George Washington, and I think Neal Boortz is Thomas Jefferson. And those of us who are spreading the word are the John Hancock's, Samuel Adams', Paul Revere's, John Adams', and Ben Franklin's of today. We are modern-day Minutemen, ready to fight to rid ourselves of the tyranny of King IRS. Sponsors of HR25 / S25 have the chance to be the Continental Congress.

History is in the making. Get the book (see the sidebar for links) visit and educate yourself. I hope you'll see the light and be as enthusiastic as I am about this thing. My ancestors made ammunition for General Washington (it's true!) and I hope that I uphold family tradition by doing everything I can to get this passed as soon as possible.

If you read the book, visit and educate yourself, and you still don't see that the Fair Tax is the best, simplest, and most fair way of taxation, at least you will know why you feel as you do. My guess is that once you understand what the Fair Tax is, you'll be a convert. Become a revolutionary. It's awe-inspiring to be involved in a cause that can change the history and economy and the future of America.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to read this book (I have already bought a copy on ebay) and write my own book in response. The working class needs to know they are going to get ripped off.

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