Saturday, January 08, 2005

Tsunami Relief?

I read somewhere that Bush had put together a core group of nations to deliver relief to the Indian Ocean nations that are suffering (to put it mildly) from the Tsunami that devastasted the area last week. Now I read that that group is being dissolved and the funds are going to the UN. Bush caved in to UN pressure and I'm ashamed of him for doing so. I thought he had a backbone, but maybe he gave it to Miss Beazley as a welcome home gift.

This is the same UN that corrupted the Food for Oil program. The Food For Oil program was a $64 Billion program to get food to the starving women and children of Iraq in exchange for Iraqi oil. How many millions of dollars were siphoned off by UN officials and Kofi Anan's own son? How much of the nearly $1 billion pledged by various nations that Anan is demanding be turned over to the UN will actually get to the victims it was designated for? How many will die because money intended to help them will go into someone's pocket instead?

I've already made one donation through my tax dollars. Now I'm glad I waited to make a personal donation. I'll make my donations to the American Red Cross, Americares, or another organization that will see that the money is used to it's best advantage. My money will not ever knowlingly be given to a UN sponsored organization.

I know that things are "done differently" in other parts of the world. Palms must be greased in order to get things done. Wrong is wrong. Money or goods designated to help the poor and suffering should get to those people, minus reasonable handling costs. Bribery and extortion is not reasonable. It's greedy and it's wrong. Period.

Update: In case you're wondering, you can find out how much of your money actually goes to helping the people you want to help and how much goes to administrative costs at


Karin said...

Just found your post through Homespun which I joined this week and am in the process of being put in the 35 loop. I appreciate the link you gave for the info on just where donated money goes.

Kitten said...

Glad to be of help. I just found that link and I thought it would be of interest.