Wednesday, July 28, 2004

It's Wictory Wednesday!!!
Okay, it's Wednesday, the day that bloggers ask their readers to volunteer their time or to donate money to the Bush/Cheney campaign. Why do I participate when I am not a Republican? Well, while I don't agree with everything Bush has done, I think he's the one who's shown the character it takes to be the leader of the greatest country in the free world. And whether you agree or not, it is all about character.
Right now, please consider this: you have a choice to make. A man who has proven himself capable of making tough decisions or a man who sees both sides of an argument and agrees with both. That is, if he isn't disagreeing with both. A man who can do the job or a man who has missed more than 80% of the Senate votes this year. Do you want a man in the White House who is his own man, or a man who has to have the permission of the United Nations to make a decision?
But this is for another post. This is where you volunteer, and this is where you make a donation. If you have already volunteered or donated, or for some reason can't do either, the other thing you can do right now is talk to your friends and family. And don't forget to vote in November!

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