Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blogging for St. Jude

I had an email from Jeffrey Blanco, AKA Louisiana Conservative, who had this to say:

A group of bloggers known as the South Park Republicans are doing a series of posts to help raise money for cancer research. This week's post can be found at...

I'm not a big fan of South Park, but for cancer research, I can overlook this. I have And Rightly So! on my blogroll. If Raven writes at South Park Republicans, then I will give it a look and space to tell you to go look at least at And Rightly So!

My Uncle Paul was a doctor at St. Jude's for many years (his field was children's leukemia), so I have a connection to St. Jude's. And cancer, especially in children, is a cause near to my heart.
So. Go visit, and most of all, donate.

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