Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nationalized Health Care?

I was reading recently (darn, I've got to take notes of where I see the things I remember) about the Health Care program being promoted for poor children.

One thing I remember is that children from families earning up to $80,000 would be eligible for this health care. I earn less than $80K and I don't qualify for squat, but apparently .... I'm ....poor.

Believe it or not, I am concerned about kids not getting proper health care. Health and nutrition are so important in their early years and can lead to mental "slowness" if not downright retardation and physical problems in later years. I would like to see health care made affordable so that at least all working families can be insured, at least for their kids.

But, I don't want the government involved. I'm sorry, but the government doesn't do very well when it gets into things that are better served by the public sector. Can you believe how much better and cheaper the Post Office could be run if it were run by the private sector and not the Feds?

Look at Canada. One example is MRI's. Did you know that it takes months to get an MRI done? Something like 16 weeks - folks, that's four months. Did you know that Canadians come to the US for procedures they don't want to wait for in Canada? I'm sure emergency surgery is taken care of immediately, but what about a hip or knee replacement? Good thing they get cheap drugs, because they may need the painkillers for months until they finally get to have the procedure or surgery that will eliminate the problem and alleviate the pain.

And about the Canadian pharmacy issue: do you really believe that Canada will allow it's citizens to have drugs that are suspicious in any way? One of the reasons the FDA lobbies against allowing US citizens access to Canadian drug supplies is because the drugs may not meet US standards. No, the real reason is that if we can have access to cheaper drugs, US drug companies will lose money. Have no doubt, it's all about they money, not the standards.

Politicians know one thing: if they can control your health care, they will control yet another aspect of your life. And they won't rest until they can control every aspect of your life.
Talk Radio Running America?

Trent Lott seems to think so, although he has back peddled somewhat over the last few days. So do Lindsey Graham, Dianne Feinstein, John Kerry, and Dick Durbin.

Since the demise of that stupid amnesty bill, several congressional critters have come out swinging saying that it's Talk Radio's fault that the bill failed. Gee....let me guess. Talk Radio talked about what this bill was and the American public said, "hell, no!" It became a hot topic simply because the public became informed.

Oh, wait. That's the problem right there! Congress, both sides of the aisle, by the way, doesn't want you to know what they are doing. They would rather pat you on the head and say, "There, there, don't you worry your pretty little head over this matter. It's much too difficult for you to understand. Big Daddy Congress will handle it for you. Everything I do is in your best interest. Trust me."

I hear the words "trust me" and I get very nervous and very curious. What don't they want me to know? I'm not stupid and I do understand words of more than two syllables. You and I hired our congressional critters and it's up to us to pay attention to their job performance. When they act on their own, they need to be taken to task and reminded that they are not their own bosses; they were hired by us and can be fired by us. They need to get regular job performance evaluations and be reminded that their contracts are not automatic - they are renewed at election time.

Lott and others seem to forget that liberals launched Air America, how long ago? Oh, you haven't heard of it? Well, no surprise. It was a big thing when it was launched, but the problem is, they can't get enough people to listen to them to keep it going. I think it's still on the air, but I'm not sure. Then there is Main Stream Media, ever happy to report whatever limousine liberals want to say.

The Fairness Doctrine required all sides of an issue be presented. Isn't that what Talk Radio does? A host presents their understanding (opinion) of an issue and their listeners call in to agree or disagree. I listen to several talk radio shows when I have the chance and every one of them offer an opposing viewpoint, either by allowing listeners to call in or by having someone representing that point of view either in the studio or on the phone. That's the reason I would never be allowed to have a radio or television show. I give my opinion and to h-e-double hockey sticks with anyone else's opinion.

No, that's not entirely true. My readers have the opportunity to tell me I'm wrong and this is why in comments. I will not delete comments that disagree with me. The only comments I have ever deleted were those that had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the topic of the post and were self-serving to get you, my reader, to visit their site and sell you something. Be polite, reasonable, and logical. You might give me information I didn't have and I could even change my mind.

Talk Radio is a good thing. It's about the only place other than the Internet where all opinions can be found. If you don't like what a host has to say, call in and blast him or her.

Or change the station and listen to someone or something who won't make you think.
Al Qaeda Fails Again

At least I think we can safely assume it’s Al Qaeda, but it could be any terrorist group working in the United Kingdom.

A green SUV, thought to be a Jeep Cherokee, raced at high speed toward the main entrance of the central terminal building at Glasgow International Airport in Glasgow, Scotland. It didn’t penetrate the entrance and the fire brigade is on scene to keep the resulting fire under control. It appears that only the vehicle and the immediate building are involved.

People inside the building were moved to a car park on the opposite side of the terminal building. Planes that have landed have not disembarked will be keeping the passengers on board until further notice. There will be a lot of disgruntled passengers, but they are safer on board than they would be until the police have the situation under complete control and can guarantee their safe departure from the airport.

Apparently, the driver bailed out of the Jeep. His clothing was on fire and he was barefoot. He attempted to get into the boot (trunk to us), but was tackled by either (or both) the police, taxi drivers at a nearby taxi stand, and passersby. He’s currently being treated at a Paisley hospital. I’m now hearing that a second man was in the vehicle and has been arrested.

Both men under arrest are described as Asian. In the UK, “Asian” refers to Pakistani and Indians. Of course, here in the US, “Asian” refers to those from west Asian, such as China and Japan. Those from Pakistan and India would be Mid-Eastern rather than Asian.

I’ve been surfing between the Fox, CNN, and MSNBC news networks listening to the various reports. Eyewitnesses have given interviews to local reporters (and I absolutely love hearing the Scots brogue). In the day of the camera phone news outlets no longer miss much of what happens before they arrive and get their cameras set up. I’ve heard people using camera phones referred to as “citizen reporters”. We’ve also seen shots from surveillance cameras, which are ubiquitous in the UK. And I’m not sure that it’s a bad idea for Big Brother to be watching; at least in very public areas like airports and busy streets. Perhaps it's something we must consider here in the US.

Busy streets reminds me of the other failed terrorist act. Two vehicles (Mercedes stolen from Scotland, interestingly enough) loaded with petrol (gas to you and me), propane tanks (Hank Hill would be appalled at this misuse of his precious Lady Propane), and nails. One car was seen and reported to police as smoking. It was investigated and eventually towed to be safely defused. I’m a bit hazy about the second vehicle; it apparently was discovered and towed for defusing before it had a chance to explode. This incident occurred in front of or near a popular nightclub called Tyger-Tyger. This is a popular nightclub and shopping district and the casualties could have been tremendous. Suspects have been identified and are being sought.

London and Glasgow authorities are to be commended for recognizing this as a terrorist act and acting upon it. Other airports and the whole of the UK are now on heightened alert.

Despite these terrorist acts and the heightened alert levels, the Brits are going about their lives. Like Americans after 9/11, they say that life must go on. They will be alert, they will be viligent, but they will not allow terrorists to disrupt their lives.
Illegal Americans

Now, instead of being called "undocumented workers" Harry Reid (D-Nev) is calling illegal aliens "illegal Americans". Here is the transcript of that remark (the bold was done by me, obviously):

This week, we’re going to complete that legislation. We will hopefully bring to final passage a comprehensive bill that will strengthen our border security and bring 12 million undocumented Americans out of the shadows.

Well, in one respect he is correct. When we're talking about illegal aliens, we're usually referring to Hispanics coming across the southern borders into the US. These Hispanics could be from Mexico (North America), Guatemala (Central America) or even Venezuela (South America). So, in this respect, they are Americans. However, this is a very broad generalization and I doubt Ol' Harry is using the term "American" in that respect. I believe he's referring to current illegal aliens as future United States citizens.

Just thought of something else. I've seen several sources that indicate there is an intent create a union of the North American countries. According to sources, this "Union" is the real intent behind the immigration reform proposed by the Bush government and is to be in place by 2010. That's only two and half years away. With the failure of the immigration bill, I don't think it can pass that quickly, and not with an election coming up.

It would be similar to the European Union with a common currency and allow free trade and travel between countries. There would be no need for Customs or Border Patrol as there would no longer be borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico.

This "union" idea is something we need to be on the lookout for. A North American union is not in the interest of the United States. It would be great for Mexico, but I don't see where the US, or even Canada would benefit.

The winner in the deal would be Mexico. Like Canada, Mexico is a country rich in resources. But unlike Canada, the people are poor. The Mexican government has a reputation for being corrupt, and for generations has lived on the backs of its people. The corruptness of the government is so entrenched that I don't know that it can be changed. But it can't change until the people decide they have had enough.

I found a
webpage for this "union". The website for the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America advocates just that, a partnership between the US, Canada, and Mexico in the event of natural disasters, terrorist attacks and so on.

I've looked through the pages in the SPP website and I see nothing that indicates the intent to form a North American Union. In fact, it states on it's SPP Facts vs. Myths page that this is not what the SPP is about.

I can see where conspiratists could see this as a beginning of a North American Union. I do think it's worth watching. I'm not saying that an NAU is in the works; I can see where it could happen through the SPP. But, I can also see that the SPP is just a partnership between three countries.

Here are a few links I've found about this "union". Check them out, find some more. Do your own research. Come to your own conclusions.

Human Events l

Friday, June 29, 2007

Amnesty Bill

It's official. The amnesty bill (sorry, I can't refer to it any other way) is dead. It was killed in the Senate by a vote of 53 to 46. Like a zombie of science fiction and horror fantasy, this issue may rise again at some point.

The people of the United States rallied together to call, email, fax and even visit their senatorial employees (yes, you hired them!) to tell them this: we don't want illegal aliens to be rewarded for breaking our laws. Months of reading and watching mainstream news outlets, politicians, and talking heads telling us the amnesty bill would eventually pass, only served to remind us, the citizens of the United States, that we are the People of the United States.

Despite what the liberals think it is The People that make this country great, not the laws, not the government. We create the laws that are enforced by the government. The People hold the power and The People made our voices known.

Our voices were made known through talk radio, blogs, snail mail letters, emails, and activists. We could have gotten bored with hearing how amnesty would be passed, and that those who were against it were silly, foolish, stupid, uncaring, and just wrong thinking. We were called everything but children of God for believing that criminals should be punished for their illegal actions.

There are a lot of other reasons for not liking this law, but first and foremost, they are criminals. Simply by crossing the border without proper documentation* and without entering at designated entry points, they became criminals.

Amnesty didn't work twenty-some years ago, it didn't get past the Senate yesterday, and it won't work in the future.

Immigration is yet another facet of the Federal government that is beyond redemption. Another is the IRS, but that's another story.

*Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented worker" is like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Judge Pantsed

You may have read about the DC Administrative judge who sued a Korean laundry for losing his pants. He was appointed to the bench, bought several suits for his new position and took them in to the cleaners for alterations.

When he asked for the suit a few days later, the pants were missing. Since there was a sign in the window guaranteeing satisfaction, this judge asked for the full price of the suit: $1000.00. The pants were found a week later, but the judge said they were the wrong pants. The cleaners offered to settle three times for $1000, $4600 and finally $12000. The judge thought he had cause for a lawsuit and filed for a judgement of $65,000,000. No, I didn't put too many commas and zeroes in that figure. Sixty-five million dollars is what he decided was a fair amount based on a consumer protection law which imposes fines of $1500 per violation, per day - as well as damages for inconvenience, mental anguish, and attorney's fees for representing himself.

However, the DC judge hearing the case decided in favor of the cleaners. The fact that the cleaners guaranteed satisfaction did not mean that they guaranteed a customer's unreasonable demands. The judge also ruled that the administrative judge failed to prove that the pants the cleaners tried to return were not the pants in question. As I recall, the cleaners proved that the pants matched specifics of other alterations done for him by the cleaners. For example, the same inside seam length. I also recall that the pants match the jacket, but the plaintiff claimed he left pants of a different color or style. As a result, not only did he lose the claim, he is now ordered to pay $1000 to the Korean couple for their clerical costs. whether the judge will be ordered to pay their legal fees - in the thousands of dollars - will be decided later.

In my opinion, the judge deciding the case used common sense and made the correct decision. The administrative judge was attempting to take advantage of the very judicial system that he as a judge represents. A reasonable man would have accepted the pants when they were returned. Someone looking for money would have accepted any of the offers by the cleaners. He was extremely unreasonable in his demands. We're talking about a pair of pants, for the love of Mike, not a life. Had the cleaners done something that endangered or cost a life, I might think differently. There are times when a considerable money judgement is all that will make someone understand that what they've done is wrong and someone suffered needlessly by their actions.

This judge has been proven - in a court of law as well as by public opinion - to be greedy and irrational. Judges are supposed to be fair and impartial. We don't need his type - Greedy and irrational - sitting on the bench. How do we know he won't succumb to bribery? How can anyone believe that he can be fair, impartial, and reasonable when judging cases that come before him?

In my opinion he should not only pay the clerical costs the cleaners incurred, but their legal fees as well. Perhaps the cleaners should turn around and sue him for something. Defamation of character or something? I doubt they would though. They have said he is welcome to use their services again. They are better people than I am. If it were me, I'd ban him from the premises. Especially given that this isn't the first lawsuit he's filed. Yes, I admit it, they are better people than I am.

I also think he should be sanctioned by the Bar Association. Disbarment isn't more than I think he deserves. I don't believe this man deserves to sit on a bench of law.

They say a man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. Well, this is one time the client was taken to the cleaners by the person he chose to represent him.
And Another Move

I reported on the 21st that I had moved back to Thunderdome. Well, I've been moved again. Now, I'm training in the female housing unit. Our assignments are on a day-to-day basis and we work where we're needed. I'm still in training, so I go where I need the training. Or where my supervisors need me at the moment.

This unit houses not only females, but also the juvenile male offenders. Separately, of course, but within the same unit. Female also has it's own lockdown. There is a general population section, two working sections, juvenile, and lockdown.

I'm not thrilled to be working in the female unit. It's well known that women in jail tend to be harder to deal with than men. I've only spent one day here so far, and can't say that it's true. My trainer assures me it is true. The women are whiny and complaining according to her. She is one of the most laid back women I know, so if she says this about female inmates, there must be at least some truth to it. But, I will try to keep an open mind and find out for myself. I'll find out whether this "known fact" is really true or not after I've spent some time there.

I can deal with male inmates trying to flirt with me. Whiny women is another story. Men complain, women whine. It doesn't mean that all men complain and all women whine. Of course it works both ways. Some men do whine and some women do complain. But, I find "whiny" more difficult to deal with, whether male or female, young or old, than a complainer.

At some point, I'll go to the high-security unit, trusty, medical, and the last general population unit. Each one has different needs that I'll have to train for. I don't deal easily with change. Actually, I guess it's not the change so much as the not knowing what I'm doing. I'm much better after I've been there for a bit and have an idea of what I'm doing.

Quite frankly, I expect more from women than I do from men. I expect women to deal with a situation, not to dwell on it and whine about it. But, I know that it happens. I've been known to dwell on problems and situations myself. I don't think I've gone so far as to make people want to avoid me, or to wish I'd just get over it. If I have, I apologize.

Inmates who have to go somewhere must get there on time and guess who is responsible for coordinating this? The CRO tells the deputy who actually gets the inmate out of the housing unit, but we keep track of who is going out, where they are going, who is still out, who has visitation, and who is being released. We keep all doors secure and make sure that only those who are supposed to go through a door, goes through that door. We direct the traffic in and out of the dorms. Security is our first priority.

I just hope when I go back to work on Wednesday that I'll still have a trainer. What happens during the week is very different than what happens on the weekends. Sunday, in particular, is a very laid back and quiet day. During the week, some of the females go out to work assignments. Others may go to GED classes. Work assignments may be sewing, housekeeping, commissary, and horticulture. We used to have a culinary arts class, but I understand that has ended. The juveniles go to regular school classes. And, as I said, it's the CRO who has to know where everyone is.

One might think of life as a buffet. This is just one of the many choices I can make in life. Some will be better than others, and others are more to someone else's tastes. And some choices are just wrong. But it all comes together to offer choices and experiences that make us who we are.

In about three years or so, I'll be sampling another offering from the buffet of life: retirement. But I must get through this part of life before I can go on to that part.