Saturday, June 05, 2004

Just Wondering about


I just HAD to comment on this. OJ Simpson is apparently going to do a reality TV show where he plays pranks on other celebrities.

This is the man who when Dick Clark's show Bloopers and Practical Jokes played a prank on him, just about went ballistic. Does anyone else remember this? He was NOT a happy camper when the joke was on him.
We're Supporting You

Apparently that's what active duty personnel are telling Kerry. They are coming up to him at events across the country and privately telling him that they support him and want a change.

I seem to remember him saying that he had spoken to heads of state who told him the same thing. But he wouldn't name names, and according to those who are able to track such things, there were no opportunities where these talks could have occurred. No one can say the opportunity didn't exist for these conversations, they supposedly happened at public events. Kerry handlers have learned something after all! I'm sure there are Kerry supporters in the military. Kerry does have his supporters, after all, and they seem to be across the board. And, just in case you didn't know, he did serve in Vietnam.

I do wonder about these private conversations though. Could it be conversations with the voices in his head?

Just wondering.

Ronald Reagan

There have been reports that Reagen's health has taken a turn for the worse. His life is not in imminent danger, he could linger on for months or he could pass away at any time.

When Reagan ran for office in 1980, I was young enough (make that immature, no, liberal) that I didn't understand what he stood for. I registered as an Independent (still am, as a matter of fact) because I knew I wasn't a Republican or Democrat. And, to be honest, I couldn't get past the fact that he had been an actor. I was concerned that the rest of the world wouldn't take the US seriously with an actor in the White House. I wasn't sure that he could take himself seriously for that matter. Was there more flash or substance to the man? And, he had been governor of California, for Pete's sake!

When I am wrong, I'll admit it. It might be hard to do, but I'll admit it. I was wrong. I now understand the contributions he made to our society as President.

I offer my prayers to the Reagan family and friends. I pray that his last days, however many or few they may be, be peaceful and comfortable for him.

Clinton VP?

I somehow missed this over the last few days, but apparently it's Bill who's being touted as a VP candidate. Won't happen. Can't happen.

The Constitution is very clear. The 12th Amendment says that anyone who is not eligible to be president cannot be the vice president. After all, the VP is literally a heartbeat away from the presidency. And Bill Clinton is not eligible for the presidency. He's already served the two terms he is Constitutionally allowed.

And, the Clinton's don't want Kerry to win. They've got it planned that Bush will win this term and in 2008, when there is no incumbent to run against, Hillary will make her run for the House.

I doubt that she'll accept the VP position in 2004. She doesn't want to play second fiddle to Kerry, and Kerry doesn't want the spotlight taken away from him. The only compromise could be that Kerry runs with Hillary in 2004, and Kerry drops out in 2008, leaving the field open for Hillary.

You see, when you run against an incumbent, you already have an uphill battle. People mostly don't like change and will vote for the guy in office, simply because he's already there. The incumbent doesn't always win (Carter, Bush 1), but it's happened often enough to be a factor. Hillary, being a woman, will have an even harder row to hoe. She has to overcome that fact, and running against an incumbent will make it that much harder. If she doesn't run in 2008, she'll have to wait until 2012, which will put her into her 60's and running against an incumbent. Her best bet is to run in 2008 in an open race.

My personal opinion is no matter when she runs, being a woman will be her biggest problem to overcome.

Tenet Resigns

I know it's not the thing to do, accept what someone says as fact. There has to be another reason behind what's said. Tenet offered his resignation for personal reasons last week and it was accepted by Bush.

I don't know what "personal reasons" means. Maybe he doesn't want to face the backlash of the reports that will be coming out citing CIA misinformation, misdirection, involvement, what have you, in Iraq. I've heard that he feels he's getting up there in age and doesn't feel he will be as effective in the future. I've also heard he wants to spend time with his family. All are valid "personal reasons".

Why do we have to speculate what he really means as "personal reasons"? I guess I'll put it down to human nature and curiosity. We have to have specific reasons for what people do.

One of the front runners for the job of CIA director is Florida's own Porter Goss. I didn't know that he used to be a CIA agent. Knowing this, he would be a logical choice (logic! What a concept!). At least he has some idea of what the CIA is and does. Better than a bureaucratic bean counter or political appointee who doesn't have a Blue's Clue as to what's going on.

Abu Gharib

One more word on the prison outrage in Abu Gharib. George Soros, who is the primary mover and shaker behind the movement to get Bush out the White House has said that Abu Gharib ranks right up there with the September 11 attacks.

Excuse me? The murders of 3000 innocent people, some of whom didn't even know what happened, others who jumped to their deaths from the WTC, others who knew they would probably die when they tried to overtake the hijackers and the plane flew into a field in Pennsylvania, ranks with the humiliation and embarrassment that was felt by a few prisoners who were forced to wear women's panties on their heads? Okay, there was a bit more than that, but no one died horrific deaths in Abu Gharib. One prisoner was so humiliated that he couldn't return to his home village and wanted to go to America.

Perhaps I was wrong, but I thought that Mr Soros came to the US during, or just after, WWII. Maybe he forgot what the Nazis did to his own country (Czechoslovakia, I think), not to mention the rest of Europe. I would have thought that someone who experienced the devastation of Europe would understand the difference between September 11 and Abu Gharib.

On a Lighter Note

I'm listening to Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson right now. The video is great and the song even better. Yep, country is my music of choice. I like that it speaks to the values of the American people. It's not the "The bank foreclosed on the trailer my wife left me and took the pickup my mama's in jail and I'm out of beer" type songs of the past.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Kerryopoly offers a game called Kerryopoly. "Roll the dice and travel around the Kerryopoly board from his house in Georgetown to his private plane, the Flying Squirrel. Play now and see if you can afford to live like John Kerry does."

I didn't know his plane was called The Flying Squirrel. I think that about explains it all.

Women's Issues

I found a site that addresses issues that women are particulary interested in and how GWB deals with them. Find it at