Saturday, October 16, 2004

Rambling Thoughts

I read or heard the other day that conservatives tend to see things in black and white, while liberals see many shades of gray. The problem is, when you see too many shades of gray, you can't see much of anything, much less the truth.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, the economy is better. Don't forget, when Bush took office, we were six months into a recession. The bubble had burst, and nine months after he was sworn in, the World Trade Center was attacked. Along with those towers, businesses crumbled, some were destroyed, others badly hurt. Jobs were lost along with those businesses and nearly 3,000 lives. Bush brought us back. Not Kerry. Not Edwards. Not the Democrats.

And also, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, it is all about character and who has it and who doesn't.

On the debates: anyone who needs the debates, especially the third presidential debate, to decide who they are going to vote for, probably shouldn't be voting in the first place. Unless you've just awakened from a coma or come out from under a rock, you've been exposed to plenty since the primaries to have made a decision. Or maybe you can't think for yourself and need to be told who to vote for. In that case, you'll vote for the Democrat. They will be happy to tell you how to vote, and how to live your life and how to spend your money because they believe you are simply too stupid to breath without their help.

On Mary Cheney being brought into the debates. It's been no secret that Mary is a lesbian. Who cares? It's her business. I don't blame her parents for being incensed. The only reason I can see for it to be brought out this way is to make points with fundamental Christians who can't tolerate someone who's "different." I expect to hear more about cocaine use at Camp David and the President's alcohol abuse 25 years ago before the end of it all. The Democrats will stop at nothing to take the White House and Congress back.

Union thugs. I've already said enough. If I haven't made myself clear by now, I never will.

Coalition forces bombing churches and hospitals in Fallujah: about time! Point 1: Terrorists have no compunction about using these buildings to hide out in, so they are fair game. Point 2: Anyone not involved in terrorism and are in the buildings and have the sense God gave little green apples should get out. Hospital staff have a responsibility to remove either patients or terrorists. Point 3: news bias again. The headlines I read reported bombing the buildings, but if you read the article, the bombs fell near the buildings. Big difference.

I can't wait until the election is over. I'm very concerned that people who have no understanding of real life will vote and put Kerry and Teresa into the White House. And this terrifies me.

Have I made myself clear on how I think? Let me know if I need to clarify anything.

And now, I'm going to cheer myself up by playing with my puppy. Since it's so nice out, I might even go and tackle those weeds outside.

Saturday Ramblings

You've seen it, I'm sure, but here's a link to the infamous poster. Yet another example of the depths to which Democrats will sink. I don't know who is responsible, but I hope the opponent wins by a huge landslide. Posters such as this are juvenile and immature and whoever is responsible should be put in time-out for the duration.

A list of cities and stations where A Stolen Honor will be broadcast. It will be shown on the WB out of Tampa, but I haven't decided whether to watch it or not. I might record it, though, in case I need to show it my more liberal friends.

More memogate. This time from ABC. And still more from CBS. Thomas Sowell discusses media bias here.

Here's a letter from a senior citizen complaining about how his life has changed since Bush took office. My heart bleeds for him.

Here's a Drudge Report link to a 66-page Democratic manual to charge election fraud after the election.

From Mike S. Adams. This is good.

The real reason why US drug companies don't produce flu vaccines.

And here is Charles Krauthammer on Kerry and Junior's statements about stem cell research and how it could make people like Christopher Reeve walk. And Grouchy Old Cripple in Atlanta, himself a paraplegic, discusses what caused Reeve's death.

The Missouri Department of Transportation wants to make I-70 a toll road between St. Louis and Kansas City. If it happens, and I travelled this portion of I-70, I'd find a different route.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Confused Emotions

My emotions are running between fear, anger, anxiety, and depression, with a little bit of hope about the election. I'm fearful and anxious when I think about what might lie ahead if Kerry is elected. I'm scared of waking up on November 3 and hearing the words "President-elect Kerry". I'm depressed when I think of the millions of voters who might actually elect this pompous, arrogant, spinless, European-loving, uber-liberal as POTUS. I'm angry, no, beyond angry, when I think of the lengths to which the Democratic Party seems willing to go win this election. They have only one issue now - winning. And doing whatever it takes to win.

I am hopeful, however, when I read blogs and listen to talk shows. Sure, I read the ones I agree with and listen to shows I agree with. I don't have the stomach or fortitude to venture into territory I disagree with. I am a recovering Democrat after all. I won't fall back into those dark days, but, it raises my blood pressure and depresses me so much to think that people actually think the government should take care of them. They don't want to think for themselves. They think they are "entitled" to everything. They don't want to work and earn anything. They want it handed to them. And that makes me sad, and a little bit mad.

My husband picked me up at work this afternoon. On the way home, we were listening to Sean Hannity. I mentioned that I was afraid that Kerry might actually win the election. There are so many people who have actually bought into his rhetoric because he tells them what they want to hear. My husband reassured me by saying that he believed that the voters would re-elect President Bush. His words reminded me that we live in a country full of good, decent, law-abiding people who generally comprise the silent majority. We may hear of the bullies and thugs, and the lazy sheep who don't want to think for themselves, but they are in the minority. And my depression begins to lift a little.

I've apparently been good influence on him. I realized this when he said that he had always believed in the ideals of the Democratic Party. But, since he started paying more attention, and educating himself, he realizes that he was wrong. What he believes in are not what the Dems now believe. We discussed how the Republican Party has evolved into what the Democratic Party used to be and how the Dems have evolved into what the Socialists (here is the definition of Socialist) used to be. And by the way, neither of us are registered Republicans. He is Libertarian and I registered as an Independent.

I am not saying that the Republican Party is "right" and the Democratic Party is "wrong". I am saying they are different from what they used to be. That's one reason why Zell Miller is so angry at his party and why he spoke at the Republican convention. Zell has said he would die a Democrat. I'm sorry about that. I understand what he's saying, but at the same time, I wish he could move to the party that espouses what he believes in.

I posted recently on the fear and intimidation tactics that are being used on behalf of the Democratic Party. I'm not saying that the Dems are encouraging these tactics, but I sincerely doubt that anyone behind the scenes is doing much to stop it either. It will take the good, decent people of the Democratic Party to say "Enough!" and put a stop to it. I know better than to think all Dems think that using bullies and thugs is a good idea. I'm sure Zell Miller is against it and I'm also sure that there are more like him than not.

I've said it before, and I'll continue to say it: it is all about character. Something the Democratic Party in general seems to be sorely lacking.

Unemployment Rates

From Neal Boortz:

The unemployment rate for September was 5.4%. That's considered to be low. Here's a breakdown:

Adult men – 5.0%
Adult women – 4.7%
Teenagers – 16.6%

Now teenagers aren't generally heads of households. That would mean that the unemployment rate for people who actually have to work for a living and support a family is somewhere between 4.7 and 5.0%.
I don't know about you, but an unemployment rate between 4.7% - 5.0% seems pretty darn good considering what this country went through three years ago.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Wicktory Wednesday

It's Wednesday once again and only 20 days until the election. I would like to ask you to volunteer your time for the Bush/Cheney campaign. That's a given. I especially want to you to be sure to cast your vote on November 2. Need I say for whom?

You can also volunteer to work for a local or state candidate if you so choose. The most important thing you can do in the next 20 days is to educate yourself on the issues that will be on your ballot, talk with your friends and relatives about the election, and make sure you vote on November 2.

If you don't vote, you forfeit the right to complain. And, if you don't vote, we all run the risk of waking up to hear "President Elect Kerry" on November 3.

I'll be voting. Make sure you do too.
Voter Intimidation Hotline

Thanks to The Unmentionables, I can post a telephone number for you to call if you are the victim of intimidation due to your political choices. Specifically, if you think the intimidation is Democrat or union inspired you should first call the police to file a report, then call 1-888-303-7125.

This has to stop. And the time to stop it is now. I don't care which party is responsible. It's not right. No one should suffer intimidation, fear, and injury at the hands of bullies and thugs. You must prosecute and the first step is to file a report. If the police are reluctant to take your report, insist that a report be filed. If the officer on scene will not take the report, then get his or her name and identification number, go to the station and report it to his or her supervisor. And continue up the chain. Do not allow anyone to browbeat you into not filing the report. It is their responsibility to take the report. When you have a case number, contact your local state or district attorney and find out who is handling the case and what they intend to do about it. If for any reason the attorney is reluctant to file charges, tell them you will go to the press, and even better, tell them you will blog about it on the Internet. Ask for the attorney's name so that you will spell it right - make sure they understand why you are asking for the spelling.

After you make your police report, call the 800 number above. I don't believe for a minute, and don't mean to imply that all Democrats are bullies and thugs, but until right-minded Democrats (and I don't mean conservative, I mean mature, grown-up adults who abhor and don't condone this behavior) get control of their party, this is the impression that is given.

And since the AFL-CIO is so proud of the actions of their union members, why don't you drop a line to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. Here is his address:

Mr. John Sweeney
President AFL-CIO
815 16th Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20006

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Makes Me Want To Be a Democrat or a Union Worker

Courtesy of Michelle Malkin:

In Seattle and in Fairbanks they're smashing car windows and windshields

In Spokane they're breaking and entering and stealing

In Orlando they're storming buildings and injuring people

In Monterey they're making death threats

And more here and here.

Yep, should be real proud of themselves. This is the kind of things real men do. Don't know about you, but it makes me want to run out and change my party affliation and join a union.

I'd change my affliation if I were still a Democrat. This party has become a party of thugs and bullies. I'm sure that there are good, decent Democrats who are as repulsed as I am by this behavior. Unfortunately, they aren't being heard. Puts them right up there with the Muslims who aren't condeming the behavior of the fanatic minority who are flying planes into buildings and beheading people they kidnap, all in the name of Allah.

And yes, I mean to compare the good, decent Democrats who aren't standing up to say, this is wrong, to good, decent Muslims who have yet to condemn the acts of the few. Wrong is wrong, no matter what your religion or politics. And once again, it is all about character.

Don't forget, all it takes for evil to triump is for good men to do nothing.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Club For Growth

I found, or maybe rediscovered, a site called The Club for Growth. It's mission is to help conservates get elected who espouse fiscally conservate ideals. Here are the first two paragraphs about why this club exists:

For 30 years economic conservatives and libertarians labored mightily to wrestle control of Congress away from a Democratic Party that has been mostly captured by the left at the national level. Most of us believed that electing a Republican Congress would bring about the kinds of major policy reforms—tax cuts, fundamental tax reform and simplification, school choice, less wasteful government, and so on—that are so critical to advancing prosperity.

We now know that was a naive hope.

Part of what they do is research the candidates, statewide and Federal, and decide whether they meet The Club's criteria of being fiscally conservate. If so, The Club will then endorse the candidate. Any campaign contributions you make through the club are matched with other contributions earmarked for a specific candidate.

Look here for more information. There is no cost for joining if you decide to do so, but there is a two year voluntary membership contribution. I am not endorsing The Club, but am recommending it for your further research.

I found several interesting articles here, one of which (Professor Bainbridge) shows that Senator Kerry and the Missus paid an effective tax rate of 12.8%. Geez, Louise! that's less that I paid and less than the 30% that George and Laura Bush paid. Might explain why Kerry opposes a reform in the tax code. I also found a link to Coyote Blog where I found this information on who pays what percentage of taxes. I've seen it before, but well, here it is again:

For 2003, the estimated share of total individual income taxes paid by:

Wealthiest 1%: 33.6%
Wealthiest 5%: 55.1%
Wealthiest 10%: 67.9%
Wealthiest 20%: 83.0%
Wealthiest 40%: 97.8%
Wealthiest 60%: 103.0%

The way to read this is that the wealthiest 10% of taxpayers pay 67.9% of the country's individual income taxes. And yes, that 103% is not a typo - the bottom 40% in income as a group pay negative personal income taxes (because of the EITC).

Oh, those numbers came from the Congressional Budget Office Report. Interesting reading, in any case.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Iraqi Blogs

I decided the other day that I should read some Iraqi blogs to see what they have to say about the change in power, the US, and what their life is like. I've only read a few so far, but will be reading more as I find them and as time allows. Some I've come across are, of course, written in the Iraqi language and while it's a pretty written language, I can't read it, so I moved on to others I could. I was amazed that so far I've found more in English than in the language of Iraq. While reading, don't forget that 1. English is a second language to these writers and 2. English is difficult language to learn.

Kerry says that if he had been president Saddam would not necessarily been removed from power. I'd like him to tell that to Sam at Hammorabi. This archive link is from December 1 to December 31, 2003, which covers the period immediately before and after Saddam's capture.I point specifically to December 19, entitled Life Under Saddam's Regime.

A Family in Baghdad is not a fan of the US. I include it because I believe it shows the reality of life in Baghdad. It's not a bed of roses.

Zeyad at Healing Iraq expressed that he was confused and even depressed when Saddam was captured.

Omar at Iraq the Model had this to say on Saddam's capture.

The above are just a few of the Iraqi blogs out there. I specifically looked at archives around the time of Saddam's capture. I was hoping for honesty in how they felt about it. I believe that's what I got. So far, happiness with some confusion and depression. One does not even mention it.

I might add a sidebar section for Iraqi blogs after the election. I honestly want to know how the Iraqi's feel about what is happening to their country and their lives. It's very easy to sit here, in America, thousands of miles away and think we know what they are going through and what they should be thinking. I've always said that no one can know what someone else is feeling unless you have gone through the same situation. And even then, the circumstances could be different. Example: the view of the American soldier as opposed to the Iraqi citizen. Both are in Iraq at the same time, but the American can't understand what the Iraqi is thinking because it's not his (or her) country. The only Americans who could really begin to understand living in a war would be people from the Civil War era. And while I'm not forgetting New York after 9/11, it's still not the same.