Monday, February 02, 2004

Jacket Jackson Exposed!

I didn't watch the Super Bowl last night, so I didn't see the most talked about event of the evening. No, you know I'm not talking about the game, although I hear that was pretty good too. Yep, I'm talking about Janet and her "wardrobe malfunction." I have seen clips so I have an idea of what the ruckus is all about.

Justin Timberlake called it a "wardrobe malfunction." Okay, everybody who believes that clap your hands for Tinkerbell! I've heard the lyrics of the songs, I've seen the "dirty dancing" that was going on, I've seen the clip, and I've seen some of the ads that were on - and the ones I didn't see, I've heard about. An article on the Drudge report called it unrehersed. So what? All that means is that CBS and MTV can say they didn't know about it (wink wink).

I don't know who knew what when, but this will be a real boost to Janet's career, don't you think? I wonder if she has any CD's coming out soon. And as far as who knew what when, CBS and MTV can deny all they want, but I'd bet someone knows the term "plausible denibility." MTV posted on their website that there would be "shocking moments." What did they mean? That Justin and Janet would tickle each other's tonsils? Sorry, that's not shocking after Britney and Madonna.

What goes on between two consenting adults behind closed doors is one thing. This was in public (before something like 90 million people), I believe it was a deliberate act, and I believe that someone needs to be held responsible. This was an act that was perpetrated in front of grandparents, parents, and children. The human body is a wonderful work of art, but I would prefer to view art of my choosing. I don't want it shoved in my face. I'm not advocating censorship in any form, I use the radio and TV dial (or remote) to censor what I want to see and hear. I don't mind pushing the envelope, but this busted the envelope into the next county!

The FCC has launched an investigation and I can't wait to see what happens. They didn't do anything about Bono's use of the "F" word. I don't care if it was an adjective or not. Coarse language is, in my opinion, the sign of an uneducated, illiterate person and shouldn't be acceptable in what was one far away day called "polite society." And don't tell me that "everybody does it." I don't. I might not be everybody, but I'm somebody.

The coarse language used in the lyrics of many of today's song are dragging us to lower and lower depths. And even when the language itself is not coarse, the words and dance movements used in the song are so many times meant to send a message that is meant to antagonize, hurt, or inflame.

What makes me sad is that when we begin accepting tasteless behavior and language as the ordinary, then we're sinking to a level that's going to be really hard to rise out of, much less above.

Some Random Thoughts on the Janet Episode

Several people on various radio programs today mentioned that Janet's career is not what it once was. Another said she was a bit "long in the tooth" for the type of music she sings. A stunt like this might be just the ticket to boost a flagging career.

I heard that a Houston viewer called the HPD to file a complaint. HPD apparently yawned and promised to investigate. She could be charged with indecent exposure. Hmmm....a drawn out court case, more publicity......just wondering. HPD apparently plans to file no charges. What a surprise. Well, actually, I can understand. It's probably a misdemeanor at best and not really worth the effort of filing charges, etc.

Could this be a rouse to detract attention from her wacko brother Michael? I don't know, and I'm not saying it is. I'm just tossing out a thought.

I'm not positive, but I've been told that Justin could be charged (in some states anyway) with sexual assault for exposing her boob.

Just read that the FCC could fine CBS up to $27,500 for each station that showed the exposure incident. Can you imagine how much money that could be??? It boggles my mind!

This Just In!!!

CNN reports that Janet admits that this stunt was planned. She apologizes for any embarassment etc. No one at CBS, MTV, NFL etc knew yada yada yada.

Now...will Justin admit that he knew?

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Circulation and The Lack Thereof

Haven't had time to write lately. My dear husband (DH) has been having vascular problems in his legs, specifically the left, this time. He had an angiogram on Thursday and we found that he needs a bypass in the leg. The doctor told me that he's going to have to have some part of the leg amputated sometime, but it's not necessary now. His legs are "hanging on by a thread." That's a quote from the doctor. So, you see, I haven't been up to blogging lately. He's scheduled for surgery on the 18th. The doctor actually had him scheduled for the 11th, but my DH didn't want to spend his birthday (the 13th) in the hospital. Gee, can't imagine why not! It's very sad that he's facing amputation, he's only 45 (on the 13th), but is diabetic. We don't know how long he was diabetic before he was diagnosed. Obviously long enough to do quite a bit of vascular damage since he's already lost 3 toes and had a bypass on the right leg.

But, I am ever the optimist and truly believe that losing a leg, while traumatic and sad, is better than losing his life. I believe in planning ahead and finding out what we might be able to do to make his life more enjoyable when amputation becomes reality. Anyone been through this before? I'd love to get some ideas for resources.

I haven't been feeling up to par myself, but that's the story of my life. I believe that my thyroid is (most of) the problem. I'll be making a doctor's appointment for myself to get it checked out. I know I have a wonkly thyroid, it's already been diagnosed. I just haven't been back to the endo since I figured out she's a blithering idiot. This dingbat told me that my weight gain probably didn't have anything to do with my thyroid, but if I would quit drinking just one soda a day, it would help. I agree, it would. I was drinking a lot of soda at the time, but since then, I've begun drinking (mostly) water and it didn't help! Hello?! That was bad enough, but when the dingbat told me my levels hadn't changed, I knew there was a problem. She was working off lab results from my LAST visit because she hadn't ordered new tests before I came in. Of course the labs hadn't changed!

For Your Entertainment

Okay, visited a site that had a bunch of fun tests on it. If you're interested, the link is

The link should work, I think I figured out what I was doing wrong. I've tested the most recent links and they all work as of the last few minutes. I will not guarantee they will be working when you, my favorite reader tries them.

My Heart Belongs to....

Don't forget Valentine's Day! You have, or are, a Valentine to remember. You might have a spouse, significant other, special friend who is not your SO but want to remember, or how about a parent or child? And don't forget the most special person in your life...yourself! If for some reason you have no one else to remember on Valentine's Day, remember that you can be your own Valentine. And there is nothing sad or wrong about it! If you don't treat yourself nicely, who will? Don't you deserve something for all the nice things you do for yourself all year? Remember the things you would do for someone else (or someone would do for you) and I'll bet that you do them for yourself anyway. Why shouldn't you treat yourself to a nice dinner, gift, card, flowers, or whatever. If you have a spouse or SO who won't remember you, then, remember yourself. You deserve it!

Super Bowl Sunday

I'll probably watch a few minutes here and there of the Super Bowl. I don't care that much for football, being a baseball kind of gal. Not to say that I watch a lot of baseball either, but it's my preference.

Anyway...I'll make my prediction for the game....Carolina.

I could hedge my bet by saying that if Carolina doesn't win, it will be the Pats, but even I think that's going a bit too far :D Luckily the fate of the world, not to mention my bank account, doesn't hinge on whether I'm right or not, so only my pride will be wounded if I'm wrong. And since I've only known for the last couple of days who was even playing, I'm not too worried about my pride.

Have a great time at the game or where ever you spend the rest of the weekend!

hmmm....after looking around my own blog, I've decided a bit of clean up is needed, so I'll be working on that over the next few days, weeks, hopefully, not months. Just a general redesign of the sidebar area. I'm also looking at moving to another site where the possibilities for improvement are much better. So, I'm looking at other sites to get ideas. Look for changes in the future!