Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Change is Good

There will probably be more changes here in my corner over the next few weeks. Like the address. I am not happy with Blogger, and when I ask questions, the answer is, well, you've got a lot of script running.

I had the same amount of script running after my last post on Sunday as I did when I checked in on Monday, but somehow the font size in my sidebar changed dramatically in between. Don't know how it happened, I've tried to change the font size previously, but not for several months now. Tomorrow, or next week it might be back to normal readable size, but who knows? I've about had enough of the problems. The upshot is that I will be looking for a new host for my corner.

New Year, New Corner.

Update: I've been looking at different hosts, but would like to have some input from my true and faithful readers. Any suggestions where My Corner should move to?

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sunday Ramblings

Politics-Free Zone

I have decreed, by virtue of being the owner, editor, publisher, chief (and only) writer, and general go-fer for this site, that this will be a Politics-Free Zone for the duration of the holidays.

However, I reserve the right to change my mind at any point in time for the simple reason that I am female (there are lots of good things about being a woman).

Christmas Ponderings in General

Anybody have any Christmas related sites that are fun and interesting? Email me at inmycorner@gmail.com. I'll post the site for all my readers to enjoy.

Anybody thinking of New Year's resolutions yet?

Oh, I posted links to name generators. I'll be posting my various Christmas names. Feel free to post yours in comments. I'll do a post later on about other secret names, just post Christmas related names for now, please.

I didn't have any response to my question about what makes it Christmas for you. Anyone want to comment?

Anyone bought my Christmas present yet? (hee-hee!)

Here's a link to Bob River's White Trash Christmas. And a link to the Bob Rivers Show where the audio vault is full of Twisted Tunes. There's Shoppin' Around for a Christmas Tree, Parking Spaces, We Wish You Weren't Living With Us and others equally twisted.

Last year I wanted to do a Twelve Days of a Florida Christmas and never got around to it. If anyone has ideas for it, email me at inmycorner@gmail.com. If there's more than one entry for a day, I'll let you, my faithful and intelligent readers pick the one you like best. Credit will go to the winners.

hmmm..."winners" indictates a prize. How about a invitation to a gmail account? I have several to go around.

Secret Names

Okay, I've found several of my secret names. Since I seem to have multiple personalities, I guess I should have names to go with them.

Elf: Silmarwen Varamir
Hobbit: Peony Moss of Lake-by-Downs
Cyborg: D.E.B.O.R.A.H Digital Electronic Being Optimized for Repair and Accurate Harm
Fantasy: Gwauwin
Smurf: Megatron Smurf
Jedi: Carde Kenbra of the Planet Prozac
Harry Potter: Minerva
Fluffy Kitty: Powderpuff Merryweather
Redneck: Dancin' Stockings
Small Goddess: Brunhilma, Goddess of the Mariana Trench (I knew I was deep!)
Oompah-Loompah: Sugerfreak Crackmonkey
Christmas name: Tinlsey Reindeer
Santa's Little Helper: Trumpy Hot-Gnome

Secret Name Generators

Okay, I did a Google search and found some name generators. Use the links to find your Hobbit and Elven names, random name, Cyborg name, fantasy name 1, fantasy name 2 (also has serious, fun, and specialized names), Smurf, or Jedi name.

Rum and Monkey
has what looks to be every name generator available. If you want to know your Japanese name is, your hard-core sex worker name, fluffy kitten name, Redneck name, Oompah-Loompah name, Harry Potter name, or fairy name, among others, try this site.

! also has a random name generator where you can find your prison bitch name, your Louis Farrakhan African name, your Superhero or your Pokename or any of dozens more.

And, this being the Christmas season, there are also Christmas name generators here and here, and Santa's little helpers names here.
Squirrel Names

You probably remember the emails that were going around a few months ago, and probably still are, where you could generate a new name by matching your initials to words, other letters or whatever. Well, I found (thanks to She Who Will Be Obeyed!) a site helps you find your squirrel name. Since most of us are squirelly to some extent, I thought you might like to find your squirrel name. So,
here it is. Turns out I am Captain McBushy. Dale is Pope Dangleberry. My dog Wyatt is Primeminister O'Squirely, and our cats, Dollie and Oliver, are Lt. McNutt and Sgt. Nuttykins, respectively.

Let's have some fun! Anyboy know other name generators? I'll post any sent to me at my email inmycorner@gmail.com.