Thursday, October 08, 2009

This Was An Injury That Could Have Been Prevented. Don't Be A Hero...

The photos are of an officer trained in hand-to-hand combat.

The officer figured that due to his size and fighting skills, he could disarm a knife wielding aggressor.

Here is why I am forwarding these on.

To all the idiots out there who always say, 'Why did the cops have to shoot him? He only had a (insert your choice of weapons here, i.e. knife, bat, club. whatever). He didn't have to be shot.

To that, I respond, 'tough crap ... shoot'em'.

If an officer tells you to drop your weapon, just drop it.

If you're a retard, stupid, on crack, mental or just 'scared' .. too bad. No one deserves what this cop got for just doing his job. If you got a knife, then you should die ... period.

This is vivid proof of how deadly people who are 'only armed with a knife' can be. Some of the public think that officers should try to disarm someone armed with a knife but anyone who has had training in knife fighting will tell you - even if you win you are going to get cut.

Keep this in the back of your mind when confronting someone armed with an edged weapon.

Note: this above and photos following were in email I received. Please remember that it was directed to Law Enforcement officers, but I'm posting it to show you why LE officers shoot people armed with knives.

Also, please note that the following photos are graphic and do contain actual wounds sustained by the officer.

While I'm sure the wounds were very painful, I take comfort knowing they were apparently not life-threatening. Remember, this officer was trained in hand-to-hand combat; not many LE officers have that training. It could have been much worse.

Am I advocating the shooting of every suspect a LEO comes face to face with? Of course not. Every situation an LEO encounters is different, but the bottom line is that someone wielding a knife is not to be trifled with. If using all other non-contact tactics fail, a shooting situation may be the only way to disarm someone who has a knife and determined to kill.

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