Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Points

Just wanted to let you guys in on a little secret. My Points is a program that by visiting sponsor pages you earn points. Five points for reading the email and visitng the sponsor page. You can earn many more points by accepting the offer.

I've been a member for several years and used my earned points to purchase gift cards that I've either given as gifts or used myself. The cards can be purchased from major merchants and restaurants such as Home Depot, Office Depot, Gap, Barnes and Noble, Macy's, Old Navy, Applebee's, Starbucks, Kmart, Red Lobster, Hallmark Flowers, and the list goes on. You can even donate points to the American Red Cross.

As a member, you can earn points by reading and responding to emails, or by doing the MyPoints and shopping at the retailers and merchants they have partnered with. You're going to shop, so why not get points for it? I think it's a great deal.

I had decided I wanted to join NetFlix, so I waited until I got an email from MyPoints with NetFlix as the sponsor. Clicked on the link, signed up, and earned 500 points. I bought our cell phones through MyPoints also (and got a better deal than I would have through a certain nationally known retired persons association that is known for it's member benefits). You don't even have to wait for the email, you can go to MyPoints, find the merchant you're interested in and get the points right there.

I needed a gift for my nephew for Christmas a year or so ago, and didn't know what to get him, so I ordered a gift card for Applebee's. One thing, you do have to order well in advance because it does take awhile to get the cards, but if you're not in a huge hurry, this is great. I never spent a penny on the cards. MyPoints paid for them. I promise you, if I didn't like the program, I would not be a member, and I wouldn't be saying anything nice about MyPoints. So I spend a few minutes giving you my opinion and I get points. What could be better?

Spend a minute or two (or less) looking at an email, get points and use the points to buy stuff. How great is that?

Happy Shopping!

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Anonymous said...

When I'm looking to buy something I go to first. This site compares all the rewards programs for a given store so you know which one pays the most. Most rewards programs are listed including cash back, frequent flyer, college savings, My Points, etc.